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Another Hat Finished

Mum got some super chunky wool into her shop. Wendy Serenity Super Chunky to be precise.

This hat has pretty much never left my head since I finished it last week. I did it on 9mm needles as the pattern requested, but it is very loose. Mum has done one on 7.5mm needles, and it’s a lot more snug. I now want to make one in bright in yo face blue! Super quick to knit up in just a day, or in my case two evenings!

Stitches and Purls


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Saturday ^_^ – Lots Has Been Done

I have been one busy little bee today! I even had a lie in! Which is shocking stuff for me as I never sleep in. Any who, I have knitted another Wendy Scarf which I started last night and finished this afternoonish;


I finished the Baby Heart that I was knitting.

This is my first ever stuffed toy, I’m rather happy with it. Going to thread ribbon through it and make it a bag charm (Mum’s idea). I did want it to be a keyring, I just think it would be far too big for that!

I also started and finished the right glove from the Clarissa pattern. I am doing them in black.

I haven’t sowed it up yet, but you get the idea. ( I did this one without asking for any help too!)


Today I have also done some baking! I made my own frosting and everything!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxo






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Frilly Scarves using Wendys Frilly Scarf Yarn

This yarn is amazing. I spotted Mum knitting this scarf, and it was all frilly and looked super complicated to do. How wrong was I. Mum taught me how to knit using this yarn. Using this yarn taught me the basic knit technique. (^_^)

  So as you can see here, we have some yarn. This is the lilac/purple one. When you purchase this yarn you have to wind it into a ball, as the yarn is loose (and crazy). As you can see from the photo above, this yarn has these loops, which you use to make the frilly bits of the scarf. You can use any size needle, tension doesn’t matter with this yarn.

Now, my first ever knitting experience was with the Turquoise version of this yarn. To the left is a close up view of the frills, just so you can have a good nosey. To the right is the whole thing. It’s only short, but long

And here is me (at the bottom of the post), at my mum’s shop posing with the latest Wendys Frills Scarf, which I made in the black and white colour. I knitted this one a lot longer than my previous scarves. ( I had knitted about five more scarves before this picture was taken 🙂 )enough to go round my neck.

Each lot of yarn you can get two scarves out of it. (First ever ever knitting project YAY me!)

They are super easy and super quick to make. Depending on the length I would say they take between 1 – 3 hours to make (it all depends on your skill level, speed etc).

I bought my yarn from my Mother’s Shop .

The label on the yarn tells you how to make the scarf. The instructions say use seven stitches. My mother and I used five, because that way we manage to get two scarves out of the yarn.

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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