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Current Projects

So I’m a busy little bee. Doing lots, never seem to be doing nothing…at least I am being productive! One of the customers at my mothers shop made me giggle, asking me if I ever put my knitting needles down, my mothers reply being ‘No! Never!’ hehe. Well stuff just doesn’t knit itself! I also have a latch hook rug on the go and a cross stitch pattern!


I’m knitting a hat in super chunky. A bolero in DK (shaded blue colour type yarn?!) and a sampler blanket, I’ve done the first square, a bobbly one, now I’m doing a stockinette one. Doing the blanket in DK also.


Winnie will be holding a balloon when he is done!

Lots of shading in this little fairy! May take me a while!

Stitches and Purls



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I finished my first hat! (and I’ve done some baking in-between!)

Wohoo! I have completed my first hat. I has only taken like forever! -_- I was so chuffed when I finished it. The hat isn’t for me, the best friend paid me to knit it for her.

Here it is modelled by Ginger – (My Teddy Cat)

Yep…in my dressing gown! How I am most Sundays! Wake up from a night out with a hang over and I start knitting! 😛 Took me a while to do this project, it was so boring to do. I am not the fastest knitter in the world, and k1 p3 then p1 k3 to get the rib effect…*snore* I can defiantly do rib now. I used King Cole Price Wise DK in Black (as you can see) 😀 I actually knitted this on smaller needles than it stated, probs why it took so long!

So now I have done that I am working on a sampler blanket, and I am currently doing a square which has bobbles and is in hot pink! Woo. I have also started a bolero in DK :-). I shall do a separate post on them. 🙂
As for baking. My friend and I decided to have a girly night in baking and watching the Twilight films with wine!


Here is the beginning off the Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Cupcakes (bit of a mouth full). I’m surprised we didn’t eat all the strawberry’s.


Here’s the end result! We made our own cream cheese frosting. Yum Yum Yum. We used the recipe from The Humming Bird Bakery Cook Book.

450g of dark chocolate went into our next recipe! :-O Another recipe from The Humming Bird Bakery Cook Book.

Here’s the end result. We put in fudge cubes as well! Double chocolate and fudge cookies! Oh they were so gooey and lovely!

Hope you all have been well!

Here’s a photo from me at the weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Sewing Sunday





I don’t often get the chance to play about with the sewing machine. I fell asleep dreaming about making myself a pencil skirt that fits me and my shape. So this morning came and could I find my tape measure to take my measurements? No. Rubbish. So I changed my mind and thought I would get some practice in putting in zips. So I made a little cushion. 🙂 it’s a bit plain but I enjoyed doing it. (Nikita is on the telly and she has just used her lipstick to set of a bomb in a car…not excatly Avon Calling haha).

I am using my mum’s sewing machine, it is a Singer. She bought it when she was expecting me. I may save up a get my own! Any suggestions?

I spent a lot of time yesterday knitting. Realised whilst knitting the lacy bit on the socks I was doing a stitch wrong. It is a skpo, and I was knitting the slip stitch instead of casting it off. Duh! So I am now getting the correct pattern. I couldn’t be bothered unpicking it. I shall carry it on! Done some more of the band on the hat I am knitting too. I am getting faster!

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Socks! Bed ones



Whilst knitting my first hat, doing a long (sorta boring) band I thought I would have a go at these lacy bed socks in the letsknit magazine.

The photos show what I have done so far. I think I might have possibly gone wrong somewhere. Not sure though! The yarn was donated to me by a lovely friend. There was no label on it. I have done this post on my phone (watching Dexter…couldn’t bear moving!) The pattern is called Dreamy page 42 oct edition.
Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Saturday ^_^ – Lots Has Been Done

I have been one busy little bee today! I even had a lie in! Which is shocking stuff for me as I never sleep in. Any who, I have knitted another Wendy Scarf which I started last night and finished this afternoonish;


I finished the Baby Heart that I was knitting.

This is my first ever stuffed toy, I’m rather happy with it. Going to thread ribbon through it and make it a bag charm (Mum’s idea). I did want it to be a keyring, I just think it would be far too big for that!

I also started and finished the right glove from the Clarissa pattern. I am doing them in black.

I haven’t sowed it up yet, but you get the idea. ( I did this one without asking for any help too!)


Today I have also done some baking! I made my own frosting and everything!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxo






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Baby Hearts by Audrey Wilson

So I was browsing Ravelry for something quick and cute to do. And I came across a pattern by Audrey Wilson, for these cute little love hearts, you can find them by clicking http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-hearts-3

I’ve just done the front of the heart so far, took me about an hour to do. I thought it was a simple enough pattern to practice increasing before I venture into the world of hats and socks, also anything else that really needs increasing in it.  ^_^ Mum and I went halves on this magazine which has a zillion patterns of funky socks, hats etc in. I want to knit everything! Showed off my gloves at my mum’s shop today! 😀 Any way, for the little hearts I am using;


It’ in shade 77, a nice vibrant pink! Perfect colour for a heart I think!


Hmmm photo is out of focus, but this is what I have so far! Came out bigger than I thought. But hey ho! I will have this done soon!


Stitches and Purls xoxox

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I finished my gloves!

Hooray! I finally finished them!


I think I look a tad scared in this photo haha! Don’t know why! Took it on my webcam.

I’m pretty chuffed these. I wouldn’t have been able to do them without the help from my mum! She helped quite a bit. Thanks mum! Mum also did a pair of these gloves too. Go check them out over at her knitting blog http://craftyknits.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/fingerless-gloves/ . She knitted hers far more quicker than myself!


I’ve started making myself a little pin cushion I shall post that once I have done it 🙂


Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Current Project- Clarissa Mittens (Pattern out of Lets Knit!)

So mother pop into my room yesterday with the latest Lets Knit magazine to show me these mittens. She said it would be a good idea to make them to learn about increasing and decreasing. So I thought lets cast on! I wanted to do some fingerless gloves for myself and my friend, so this was perfect. 🙂


I decided to use King Cole Pricewise Double Knitting in shade 306. I think it is a lovely shade of blue. 4mm needles are needed for this project.




I have only done one glove at the moment, the right hand one. And oh the fun I had reading this pattern. It’s my first time reading a knitting pattern and trying to recreate the instructions to make something. I said to mum that it’s all in a foreign language! I’m glad mum was on hand though to help correct mistakes and help me understand the pattern, the abbreviations and showing me how to do the different stitches (I’m a visual learner).

From this pattern I have learnt how to;

  • Increase stitches
  • Decrease stitches
  • Picot Cast off (That was fun understanding what the pattern meant)
  • Division for a thumb
So it has full filled it’s purpose of what mum suggested it for! All in all I had fun doing this. I just need to do the left hand now! Mum wants a pair, so does my Aunt. My friend also wants a pair! So I better get cracking! I will post some photos of the pairs I have done when I have done them! Here are some photos of what I have done so far. 🙂
Stitches and Purls xoxo


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Frilly Scarves using Wendys Frilly Scarf Yarn

This yarn is amazing. I spotted Mum knitting this scarf, and it was all frilly and looked super complicated to do. How wrong was I. Mum taught me how to knit using this yarn. Using this yarn taught me the basic knit technique. (^_^)

  So as you can see here, we have some yarn. This is the lilac/purple one. When you purchase this yarn you have to wind it into a ball, as the yarn is loose (and crazy). As you can see from the photo above, this yarn has these loops, which you use to make the frilly bits of the scarf. You can use any size needle, tension doesn’t matter with this yarn.

Now, my first ever knitting experience was with the Turquoise version of this yarn. To the left is a close up view of the frills, just so you can have a good nosey. To the right is the whole thing. It’s only short, but long

And here is me (at the bottom of the post), at my mum’s shop posing with the latest Wendys Frills Scarf, which I made in the black and white colour. I knitted this one a lot longer than my previous scarves. ( I had knitted about five more scarves before this picture was taken 🙂 )enough to go round my neck.

Each lot of yarn you can get two scarves out of it. (First ever ever knitting project YAY me!)

They are super easy and super quick to make. Depending on the length I would say they take between 1 – 3 hours to make (it all depends on your skill level, speed etc).

I bought my yarn from my Mother’s Shop .

The label on the yarn tells you how to make the scarf. The instructions say use seven stitches. My mother and I used five, because that way we manage to get two scarves out of the yarn.

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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