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So I’m a busy little bee. Doing lots, never seem to be doing nothing…at least I am being productive! One of the customers at my mothers shop made me giggle, asking me if I ever put my knitting needles down, my mothers reply being ‘No! Never!’ hehe. Well stuff just doesn’t knit itself! I also have a latch hook rug on the go and a cross stitch pattern!


I’m knitting a hat in super chunky. A bolero in DK (shaded blue colour type yarn?!) and a sampler blanket, I’ve done the first square, a bobbly one, now I’m doing a stockinette one. Doing the blanket in DK also.


Winnie will be holding a balloon when he is done!

Lots of shading in this little fairy! May take me a while!

Stitches and Purls



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