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I finished my first hat! (and I’ve done some baking in-between!)

Wohoo! I have completed my first hat. I has only taken like forever! -_- I was so chuffed when I finished it. The hat isn’t for me, the best friend paid me to knit it for her.

Here it is modelled by Ginger – (My Teddy Cat)

Yep…in my dressing gown! How I am most Sundays! Wake up from a night out with a hang over and I start knitting! 😛 Took me a while to do this project, it was so boring to do. I am not the fastest knitter in the world, and k1 p3 then p1 k3 to get the rib effect…*snore* I can defiantly do rib now. I used King Cole Price Wise DK in Black (as you can see) 😀 I actually knitted this on smaller needles than it stated, probs why it took so long!

So now I have done that I am working on a sampler blanket, and I am currently doing a square which has bobbles and is in hot pink! Woo. I have also started a bolero in DK :-). I shall do a separate post on them. 🙂
As for baking. My friend and I decided to have a girly night in baking and watching the Twilight films with wine!


Here is the beginning off the Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Cupcakes (bit of a mouth full). I’m surprised we didn’t eat all the strawberry’s.


Here’s the end result! We made our own cream cheese frosting. Yum Yum Yum. We used the recipe from The Humming Bird Bakery Cook Book.

450g of dark chocolate went into our next recipe! :-O Another recipe from The Humming Bird Bakery Cook Book.

Here’s the end result. We put in fudge cubes as well! Double chocolate and fudge cookies! Oh they were so gooey and lovely!

Hope you all have been well!

Here’s a photo from me at the weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Saturday ^_^ – Lots Has Been Done

I have been one busy little bee today! I even had a lie in! Which is shocking stuff for me as I never sleep in. Any who, I have knitted another Wendy Scarf which I started last night and finished this afternoonish;


I finished the Baby Heart that I was knitting.

This is my first ever stuffed toy, I’m rather happy with it. Going to thread ribbon through it and make it a bag charm (Mum’s idea). I did want it to be a keyring, I just think it would be far too big for that!

I also started and finished the right glove from the Clarissa pattern. I am doing them in black.

I haven’t sowed it up yet, but you get the idea. ( I did this one without asking for any help too!)


Today I have also done some baking! I made my own frosting and everything!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxo






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Nicola’s Choc Chip Cake (Leave a comment at the bottom!)

You will need :
6oz Self Raising Flour
7oz Caster Sugar
4oz butter or stork
2-3 eggs
And for the topping
Vanilla Ready made creamy icing (butter icing)
Chocolate Chips
Silver Balls ( The kind you can eat)

An oven – Preheated to 180c (Non fan-assisted ovens preheat to 200c)
Wooden spoon (for mixing)
Mixing bowl
Cake tin ( a medium sized one will do- I don’t know the measurements of the one I used)
Wire Rack for cooling
What to do:

  • Weigh out the flour, sieve into the mixing bowl. Do the same with sugar.
  • Mix in the butter/stork, and gradually one by one add the eggs. You should have a creamy batter as the end result. Make sure it is not too runny though.
  • Grease your cake tin, and pour in the mixture and smooth it out.
  • Pop into the oven and leave for about 40 mins. Easiest way to check if a cake is done, is to pop a knife in it, if it comes out clean it is cooked.
  • Once cooked leave the cake to cool completely before decorating (it will melt the icing if you decorate whilst hot). Cool it on the wire rack.
  • Once cooled down you can now decorate! Yay! Pop the cake on a plate, and cover it with the icing. Do it how you like.
  • Then cover it with the chocolate chips and the silver balls. Cover it until you are happy.
  • Once decorated pop in the fridge, so the icing can set. Then serve!
I hope you enjoy this recipe, it is my own.
If you make this let me know how it turns out!
Happy Baking!
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