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Saturday ^_^ – Lots Has Been Done

I have been one busy little bee today! I even had a lie in! Which is shocking stuff for me as I never sleep in. Any who, I have knitted another Wendy Scarf which I started last night and finished this afternoonish;


I finished the Baby Heart that I was knitting.

This is my first ever stuffed toy, I’m rather happy with it. Going to thread ribbon through it and make it a bag charm (Mum’s idea). I did want it to be a keyring, I just think it would be far too big for that!

I also started and finished the right glove from the Clarissa pattern. I am doing them in black.

I haven’t sowed it up yet, but you get the idea. ( I did this one without asking for any help too!)


Today I have also done some baking! I made my own frosting and everything!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxo






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I finished my gloves!

Hooray! I finally finished them!


I think I look a tad scared in this photo haha! Don’t know why! Took it on my webcam.

I’m pretty chuffed these. I wouldn’t have been able to do them without the help from my mum! She helped quite a bit. Thanks mum! Mum also did a pair of these gloves too. Go check them out over at her knitting blog . She knitted hers far more quicker than myself!


I’ve started making myself a little pin cushion I shall post that once I have done it 🙂


Stitches and Purls xoxox

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