Sewing Sunday





I don’t often get the chance to play about with the sewing machine. I fell asleep dreaming about making myself a pencil skirt that fits me and my shape. So this morning came and could I find my tape measure to take my measurements? No. Rubbish. So I changed my mind and thought I would get some practice in putting in zips. So I made a little cushion. 🙂 it’s a bit plain but I enjoyed doing it. (Nikita is on the telly and she has just used her lipstick to set of a bomb in a car…not excatly Avon Calling haha).

I am using my mum’s sewing machine, it is a Singer. She bought it when she was expecting me. I may save up a get my own! Any suggestions?

I spent a lot of time yesterday knitting. Realised whilst knitting the lacy bit on the socks I was doing a stitch wrong. It is a skpo, and I was knitting the slip stitch instead of casting it off. Duh! So I am now getting the correct pattern. I couldn’t be bothered unpicking it. I shall carry it on! Done some more of the band on the hat I am knitting too. I am getting faster!

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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2 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday

  1. Lauren says:

    cute pillow! like the polka dot ribbon 🙂

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