Current Project – My First Hat!

So amongst the birthdays, cake baking and work I have started my first hat! Yay! I searched the web for an easy one to attempt. But failed…miserably. So I decided to have a bash at the Kizzy Pattern in the LetsKnit Magazine. (The same issue as the Clarissa Gloves).


So this is what I have so far. Nothing amazing. 🙂 I’ve decided I am going to do this hat without the flower.I personally think it looks silly with the flower. So hopefully I shall have finished it in a week or so. What I have knitted so far is the band at the front, I keep putting it to my forehead to see how much furthur I need to go for it to go all the way round my head haha.

Mum decided that she was going to knit something in this super chunky yarn she found.

She decided on this! She’s done it and given it to me 😛

I’m too much of a short arse to get it all in a photo! But bring on the snow! I’m ready!

Stitches and Purls xoxox



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