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Sewing Sunday





I don’t often get the chance to play about with the sewing machine. I fell asleep dreaming about making myself a pencil skirt that fits me and my shape. So this morning came and could I find my tape measure to take my measurements? No. Rubbish. So I changed my mind and thought I would get some practice in putting in zips. So I made a little cushion. 🙂 it’s a bit plain but I enjoyed doing it. (Nikita is on the telly and she has just used her lipstick to set of a bomb in a car…not excatly Avon Calling haha).

I am using my mum’s sewing machine, it is a Singer. She bought it when she was expecting me. I may save up a get my own! Any suggestions?

I spent a lot of time yesterday knitting. Realised whilst knitting the lacy bit on the socks I was doing a stitch wrong. It is a skpo, and I was knitting the slip stitch instead of casting it off. Duh! So I am now getting the correct pattern. I couldn’t be bothered unpicking it. I shall carry it on! Done some more of the band on the hat I am knitting too. I am getting faster!

Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Socks! Bed ones



Whilst knitting my first hat, doing a long (sorta boring) band I thought I would have a go at these lacy bed socks in the letsknit magazine.

The photos show what I have done so far. I think I might have possibly gone wrong somewhere. Not sure though! The yarn was donated to me by a lovely friend. There was no label on it. I have done this post on my phone (watching Dexter…couldn’t bear moving!) The pattern is called Dreamy page 42 oct edition.
Stitches and Purls xoxox

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Current Project – My First Hat!

So amongst the birthdays, cake baking and work I have started my first hat! Yay! I searched the web for an easy one to attempt. But failed…miserably. So I decided to have a bash at the Kizzy Pattern in the LetsKnit Magazine. (The same issue as the Clarissa Gloves).


So this is what I have so far. Nothing amazing. 🙂 I’ve decided I am going to do this hat without the flower.I personally think it looks silly with the flower. So hopefully I shall have finished it in a week or so. What I have knitted so far is the band at the front, I keep putting it to my forehead to see how much furthur I need to go for it to go all the way round my head haha.

Mum decided that she was going to knit something in this super chunky yarn she found.

She decided on this! She’s done it and given it to me 😛

I’m too much of a short arse to get it all in a photo! But bring on the snow! I’m ready!

Stitches and Purls xoxox


Saturday ^_^ – Lots Has Been Done

I have been one busy little bee today! I even had a lie in! Which is shocking stuff for me as I never sleep in. Any who, I have knitted another Wendy Scarf which I started last night and finished this afternoonish;


I finished the Baby Heart that I was knitting.

This is my first ever stuffed toy, I’m rather happy with it. Going to thread ribbon through it and make it a bag charm (Mum’s idea). I did want it to be a keyring, I just think it would be far too big for that!

I also started and finished the right glove from the Clarissa pattern. I am doing them in black.

I haven’t sowed it up yet, but you get the idea. ( I did this one without asking for any help too!)


Today I have also done some baking! I made my own frosting and everything!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Stitches and Purls xoxo






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